Tricia McCormack Photography

Tricia McCormack Photography

Tricia McCormack is located in Lenox, MA and specializes in elegant wedding photography and family portraits for the Berkshires, Boston and NYC.
“I had been burned before by a previous designer who went out of business as I started working with his company. Due to this, I was weary of trying again with a customized solution for my website. However, the reputation of Brock and Dave was undeniable. As soon as I spoke to them both on them on the phone, I felt such confidence I was headed in the right direction and secure that they would finish the job. Each quickly returned phone call and email from Brock or Dave just solidified that their customer service was exceptional and lived up to their reputation. I told them who I was, what I liked and what direction my business was headed and they took those ideas and presented back to me something that is so uniquely mine. The design and implementation experience with them is exactly what I hoped for. I feel fortunate for finding them. Thank you again!”
- Tricia McCormack
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