Onelove Photography

Onelove Photography is a collective of editorial artists based in California. In an instant, technological society, they consider ourselves artisans of life.
“Infinet Design has now created websites for two of our small businesses. Brock and Dave are the most flexible, patient, and timely web designers/programmers out there. The design and programming for onelove photography was quite complicated as it was integrated with a separate photo hosting company which we had to embed in seamlessly, and Brock even designed and programmed our wedding quiz, with real-time results and an automated email sent with the answer to their quiz, making for seamless marketing and email-capturing at the same time. You hear horror stories of web programmers never getting back with you, or never completing work they started... and Brock has been truly a white-gloved professional. We are constantly updating our businesses, which means updates for our sites, and they always respond and update our requests with incredible promptness. We are continually impressed with their designs as well as their know-how with all kinds of custom programming options. There is no question that they don’t have an answer for, ever! Thanks, guys!”
- Sara Allen

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