Melissa Fuller Photography

Melissa Fuller is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and shoots weddings and portraits throughout California and destinations world-wide.
“As a creative you have a loose jumble of ideas in your head, a specific feeling you want to capture, and you just need to dive into the process to begin putting the pieces together- you wish... if only you had the technology behind you to bring it to fruition. Dave and Brock were the perfect partners kick this process into gear when I decided to rebuild my blog. Their working process was extremely efficient and inspiring. I would say, "you know it would be wonderful if I could..." Dave (designer) would then take that seed and turn it around into not just what I had in mind, but a little something more. He would plus the idea, bringing an idea to the table that I would not have thought of myself. Brock (programming) then took all of those plans in design and sculpted the blog to be a completely smooth running, clean platform that is easy to work with. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Infinet Design! Thank you.”
- Melissa Fuller

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