Ksenija Savic Photography

Ksenija Savic is a fine art photographer and international photojournalist based in Birmingham, MI. When people ask me what I take pictures of, my response is always "LIFE!" :)
“I truly cannot say enough about the ah!mazing Brock & Dave. When you are an artist & you know what you want, it is beyond comforting to be able to find a design team that just ’gets it’. Infinet Design exceeded my expectations, and then some. They are patient, professional, personal & really listen to you... so much so that when I received my first proof of the layout, I was absolutely blown away. They are the BEST in the industry. hands down. Brock & Dave, a ’thank you’ will never express the great gratitude in my heart that I have for all that you have done. Every single time I go to my blog it makes me smile ~ I still cannot believe how well you captured ’me’ in it! It is truly impressive & I am forever thankFULL. thank YOU!”
- Ksenija Savic
Ksenija Savic Photography website illustrations
Ksenija Savic Photography website illustration

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