Krista Grace Photography

Krista is an award winning film photographer based in the east end of Long Island. She specializes in family and vacation photography.
“Once the decision was made to re brand my photography business, I researched several website designers over a course of 6 months. I immediately was attracted to Dave and Brock’s portfolio site and my decision was solidified the first time I spoke with them. Once the process began, I was comfortable talking with both Dave and Brock about what I wanted/needed from the website/logo. Technical jargon was explained in depth so that it was made sure I understood what was being created and why. Mock ups for the website/logo were made available to me promptly and were easily changed if I wanted. Dave and Brock listened to my ideas and created my whole brand around it, which turned out to be exactly what I wanted and more! Thank you Dave and Brock for your wonderful talent and excellent service!”
- Krista Grace

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