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Christopher Lee Films

Christopher Lee Films specializes in wedding, portfolio, commercial and event films. They are based in Central PA but are available for national and international projects.
“How do you create a new logo and website when you have nothing more than a "sensation" you hope to have it make you feel? You hire Dave & Brock. I truly had no clue how to conceptualize the feelings I wanted to evoke in clients when they viewed my page. I still don’t have any idea how they did it. The drafts and designs moved in the right direction until, finally, my jaw dropped and I said, "that’s it!" They’re so good at taking the ramblings of other artistic types like myself and creating solid beauty that hits on every sensation asked for. My logo, how it looks, how it animates, paired with the web design, tells the story of who I am and what I aim to do with my films. Dave & Brock are true artists and an absolute pleasure to work with. I absolutely recommend them to everyone!”
- Christopher Lee
This client needed a new logo and branding, as well as a responsive website to feature his videography portfolio. We also created a 3D logo animation for use with his client videos.
Videographer website design
Christopher Lee Films logo
Christopher Lee Films corporate logo

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