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Founded in 2002, BKB & CO. is an award-winning photography and cinematography firm located in Boston, Massachusetts.
“I have followed Infinet Design throughout my career as a wedding photographer. I have watched in awe as their business provided unique websites to others within the industry. In 2015, I decided that the cookie-cutter website was out, and custom was in! Hiring Infinet Design was a no-brainier as well as a game changer for my business. Brock and Dave are an incredibly talented duo; they captured our vision and nailed it! Looking back, I wish I had hired Infinet Design years ago. I am incredibly proud of the website they have created, as well as excited for what the future holds. I would recommend Infinet Designs to any business looking for a creative design and a web technology team with superior customer support. Infinet Design an investment that you will never regret.”
- Brittany Blando
Primary goals for this project were to design a logo and mobile-friendly website that would stand out in a saturated market, and to communicate the quality of the work their team creates.
Wedding photographer website design
Mobile-friendly photographer website
BKB & Co. watercolor logo
BKB & Co. logo

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